Haverhill Hound, Rod and Gun Club 2
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Tues eves starting Oct 12
23 weeks - $115
NRA gallery course
22 rimfire handicap scoring
indoor range @ 50 ft.

Done until spring...

Black Powder Musket Shoot!

Done until spring...

Cap & Ball Pistol Shoot!

Done until spring...

Sour Grape-Shots
"If I'd known there would be such a large cash prize for the winners, I would have used better ammo."

Basic Firearms Safety Classes.
Please send an email to get on the list.

Meets requirement for application
for all MA firearms licenses.
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Sat/Oct/30/ - 10am

Volunteers needed for a couple of hours to get few fall chores don, such as:
AC units to be removed/stored, dock to be pulled up, and brush around propane tank and south side of the building needs cutting back.

Mon/Nov/1 - 7:30pm
Members Meeting
(Pre-Meeting Dinner!)
Mon/Nov/29/ - 7pm
BOD Meeting

New applicants are asked to try to get to the club by 6:30.

Sea Cadets clean up ranges after shooting. - 2004

attendance raffle
LOSER was #268

email the secretary
email the secretary