To begin the process of requesting membership, one must personally submit their application at a BOD meeting (last Monday of the month - 6:30pm) in the company of their sponsor (a current HHRG Charter member*).

At that time, bring your completed application and two checks.
One check (made out to HHRG for $205)
will be for your membership application fee and annual dues.
A second check, (made out to NRA for $35) will be for new NRA membership, (mandatory requirement if you are not currently a member.)

You will then be required to attend one orientation/safety seminar. These are held on the Wednesday (6-9pm), and the Saturday (10-1pm) between the BOD meeting and the Member's Meeting (first Monday of the month 7:30pm).

With this obligation met, and your application signed by the instructor, your reading will take place at the next membership meeting, whereupon your request for membership will be voted on.

*Don't have a sponsor? Come to the club during
any scheduled event, or when an RSO is scheduled to be present. Introduce yourself, and feel free to ask questions.


Jeff Richards
- President
Audie Bates
- Vice President
David Girouard

Dave Netzley
- Secretary

Board of Directors:

Charlie Antonopoulos
Jim Antonopoulos
Steve Hill
Dan W Johnson
Mike Johnson
Paul Lehane
Sharon Netzley
Mark Mazurkiewicz
Susan Shine
Don DeCicco

Please note that our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30 , and we do NOT pro-rate our memberships. New members who join over the winter will still be expected to renew in June! However, first-time members joining between April and June will not be expected to renew until June of the following year.

Commitee Chairs:
Pistol: Jeff Richards
Rifle: Steve Hill
Safety: BOD
Archery: Audie Bates


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