New applicants must first attend a BOD meeting (last Monday of the month - 6:30pm) along with their sponsor (a current HHRG Charter member*) in order to get the application process started.

At that time, bring the completed forms, (application and signed last page of the Club Rules Summary), and two checks.

One check (made out to HHRG for $205)
will be for new club membership application and dues.

A second check, (made out to NRA for $30) will be for new NRA membership, required of course only if you do not presently belong.

After your reading at the next membership meeting (first Monday of the month, 7:30pm, unless posted otherwise), your membership will be voted on.

*Don't have a sponsor? Come to the club during
Tuesday pistol league, or any scheduled event. Feel free to introduce yourself, and ask questions.

Club Officers:

Jeff Richards
- President
Audie Bates
- Vice President
Sharon Netzle

Dave Netzley
- Secretary

Board of Directors:

Jim Antonopoulos
Charlie Antonopoulos
Jerry Dennig
Joe Guaron
Steve Hill
Bill Johnson
Dan W Johnson
Paul Lehane
Rob Plante
Dan Shine

Please note that our fiscal year runs from July to July, and we do NOT pro-rate our memberships. New members who join over the winter will still be expected to renew in June! However, members joining after March will not be expected to renew until June of the following year.
Commitee Chairs

Pistol: Bill Johnson
Rifle: David Netzley
Safety: BOD
Archery: To be named
Air Rifle: Bob Ryan
Dan Shine

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