22 Pistol Fun Shoot General Ground Rules
  • Any 22 rimfire pistol is allowed utilizing any open, or other unmagnified sights (red dots okay).
  • All contestants are resposible for their own ammo supply, (there will be no ammo for sale at this event).
  • All other normal operating rules regarding safe handling of firearms on the pistol range, eye and ear protection, etc, will be enforced.
  • $5 entry includes practice time on, and one relay of the dueling tree contest, the shaving cream can shoot, and the arcade shoot.
  • Subsequent dueling tree relays will cost $1 to re-enter.
  • Pistol Poker will be $2 per "hand".

Pistol Poker Rules:
  • Each shooter will randomly draw their face-down "deck" from the pile.
  • Players will NOT be allowed to see the color side of their deck.
  • Each hand shall consist of 10 shots at backs of poker targets, (fired in two, 5-shot relays).
  • For a card to count, the .22 bullet hole must be completely inside the card square, not touching/breaking the outside edge lines in any way>
  • A card with a broken line hit, but another hit that is legal will count, however a card can only count once regardless of how many hits it has.
  • A shot completely inside the inner bullseye ring of a card makes that card a wild card, but only one wild card per hand is permitted. In the case of more than one bullseye the shooter must choose which is to be his/her wild card.
  • The best constructed 5-card straight poker hand wins the relay