2018 Topsfield Fair Booth Coverage for HHR&G
To sign up either email Jeff Richards HERE
or call him (after 4pm) at 978-239-6112. Thanks for volunteering!
Date Shift Name(s)
09/28/17 10-2pm Set-up
Friday 2-6pm Set-up
  6-10pm Set-up- Jeff Richards
09/29/17 10-2pm Joe & Colleen Boyle
Saturday 2-6pm  
  6-10pm Mark and Nancy Mazurkiewicz
09/30/17 10-2pm Jeff & Linda Richards
Sunday 2-6pm Tom Walsh (and wife?)
  6-10pm Paul & Bridgette Lehane
10/01/17 10-2pm  
Monday 2-6pm Bill Salie & son
10/02/17 10-2pm Dave Brown
Tueday 2-6pm  
  6-10pm Bill & Dan Johnson
10/03/17 10-2pm  
Wednesday 2-6pm  
  6-10pm John Grant
10/04/17 10-2pm Joe & Colleen Boyle
Thursday 2-6pm  
  6-10pm Bill Paisley & Rob Chadwick
10/05/17 10-2pm  
Friday 2-6pm  
10/06/17 10-2pm  
Saturday 2-6pm  
10/07/17 10-2pm  
Sunday 2-6pm  
10/08/17 10-2pm Dave & Sharon Netzley
Monday 2-6pm  
Columbus Day 6pm-close Jim Hanides
10/9/17 9-12pm Take Down